Starea mediului in Republica Moldova
Raport popular, 2004

State of the environment in the Republic of Moldova
Popular report, 2004

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Moldova - Land of life and peace

Air bazin

The water resources

Soil - the main natural richness

Biological Diversity


Environement potection policy

Other problems

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About report




Popular Report, 2004

Responsibils for the Report:

Elaboration, design and graphical prezentation: Petru Cocîrţă;

Presentation of materials: Petru Cocîrţă, Adam Begu, Maria Sandu, Anatol Tarîţă, Constantin Bulimaga, Vladimir Brega;

Foto: A.Begu, A.Tarîţă, P.Cocîrţă or has been taken from indicated sources;

Consultation Web design: Alexandru Castrasan.

Report is a short and popular presentation of the state of the environment in the Republic of Moldova. For the elaboration of the report has been used the data of the Ministry of the Ecology and Natural Resources, Ministry of the Agriculture and Processing Industry, Ministery of Industry, Ministry of the Transport and Communication, Ministry of Energetics, Department of Exeptional Situations, Academy of Sciences, other institutions and organizations.

In report is to reflect ecological situation, utilization and major impact upon the environment and their components, as well as ecological policy in the Republic of Moldova at actual phase of development. With help of presented materials we can understanding better, what are the natural richeness and how there are used, what is the degree of the exaustion and deterioration of the environment and their components and haw the environment resists under the drastic impact caused by man, technologies, calamities, etc.

Actual edition is dedicated to all, wich are interested with problems of the environment, rational use, restablishment and protection of natural heritage, as well as of the establishment of the harmonise relations in siytem „Nature-Man-Technologies”. The text, data, graphics, tables, maps and fotos prezents a complex information, wich can help to each citisen or guest of these land or region to know: What air we breathe? What water we use? What is with sol, known as the one's more fertil and reach in region and Europe? What is the state of biological diversity and of forests? What wastes and why they are acummulated? Environment wich are suround as is all we have, lessed by God and all what is created by man and society in whole. This and other informations are necessaire not only for to respect and to have a cleaner and healthy mod of life, as and for to accomplish our duties in active participation of each to rational decision-making on utilisation of the natural resources, environment and natural resources remediation and protection.

We hope within this edition to contribut on advanced constientiousment in the envisaged domain and substancial enlargement of the number of picturesque sites, clean springs and wells, of the creches for rare and vulnerable species of plants and animals, of the protected areas etc. Only in this mode can be ensured sustainable development and motto „An healthy man in a cleaner environment, in a cleaner country”.

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Ministerul Ecologiei si Resurselor Naturale a Republicii Moldova,
Institutul National de Ecologie. GRID-Arendal
25.12 2004
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