Starea mediului in Republica Moldova
Raport popular, 2004

State of the environment in the Republic of Moldova
Popular report, 2004

Environment protection policy

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Environmental laws and normative

The main directions of the environmental policy of the Republic of Moldova are stated in more than 30 laws, 12 adopted strategic documents, 18 ratified international conventions etc.

The aforementioned documents allowed devising the following strategic objectives:

•  Setting up a new legal and institutional framework in compliance with the market economy requirements;

•  Integration of ecological strategies with the economic ones;

•  Optimisation of the ecological management;

•  Prioritisation of ecological issues and targeting financial resources towards their resolution.

The documents comprised by the regulations in the field of environment protection are mixed up: some of them are out of date, i.e. were adopted before the country became independent, some of them are new: national, international and European.

The work on approximating the national legal and regulatory basis is undergoing and is aimed at its adjustments to the requirements established by the EU directives on environment.

Environmental investments.

In the Republic of Moldova the use of natural resources still remains outside the economic processes/system. Their management and protection are poor. The environmental investment policy and instruments are those specific to a centralized economy. In 2003, MDL 5.8 million were allocated for hydrotechnical works, MDL 0.94 million for reclamation, MDL 0.73 million for design works and prospecting.

Using the allocated money, 97 ha of land have been drained, with the purpose of land reclamation and protection, and three ponds and other hydrotechnical anti-erosion works have been built. Executed earthworks and canals dug on 35 km will protect from erosion 305 ha of land.

From 1995 to 2003, approximately MDL 51.6 million were invested in protection and better management of lands, MDL 33 million in protection of water resources (1995-2002), MDL 0.9 million in protection of atmospheric air, and only MDL 71,200 in handling and disposal of toxic wastes.

In the last years in the Republic of Moldova there are implemented a series of ecological projects. They have a contribution to the solving of the complex problems of the environment protection and ecological education of population.

In years 2002-2003 it was continued the activities through many numbers of projects, which has foreign financing. Majority of the projects aim with following items: diminished of the volumes of the emissions with polluted substances in atmospheric air; development of water resources monitoring system; conservation of biodiversity and development of the national biosecurity framework; development of cleaner production; diminished of the areas of influence of areas Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs); elaboration of Local Environment Action Plans; public participation in decision-making; others.

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Organizing of the environment protection.

In the activities of the environment protection participates central and local public authorities, state and public organisations, groups of citizens and particular persons. At state level environmental protection activities, conform the Environment protection law, are effectuated by central state bodies within general coordination by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. To the environment protection has effective contribution the Regional Environmental Centre of the republic of Moldova (REC-Moldova), World Bank, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and others.

Integrate Ecological Monitoring.

There is an Integrated Ecological Monitoring System (IEMS) in the Republic of Moldova , which is functioning under the auspices of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR). Part of activities related to ecological monitoring is being carried out by other ministries and their subdivisions.

Non-Guvernamental Organisation Activities.

The following groups and main components of the society contribute to the entertainment of the civil society into the environment protection:

•  NGOs, especially those dealing with environmental issues;
•  Higher education institutions, colleges, schools, gymnasiums and lyceums;
•  Professionals from the environment field, including ecologists, biologists, chemists, architects, landscape painters, and others, specialists who deal with land planning and the use of natural resources;
•  Land parcel owners;
•  Ethnic and religious groups;
•  Trade unions and other worker organisations;
•  Community inhabitants;
•  Mass-media.

Environmental NGO's permanent partners are: Central Authority of the Environment Protection Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources with their central and territorial subdivisions, as well as Regional Environmental Centre of the Republic of Moldova (REC-Moldova).

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