Starea mediului in Republica Moldova
Raport popular, 2004

State of the environment in the Republic of Moldova
Popular report, 2004
The Biological Diversity under Threat
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Moldova - Land of life and peace

Air bazin

The water resources

Soil - the main natural richness

Biological Diversity


Environement potection policy

Other problems

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The geological peculiarities and geographic position of the Republic of Moldova contributed to the development of a large spectre of natural landscapes such as virgin oak and beech forests called “Codru” covering the hillocks in the Central Moldova ; large plains in the South; water bodies and wetlands. Over the years, the natural beauties inspired the artists and served as an element of national pride and patriotic education.


Flora is the totality of species, genus, families and other taxons of plants populating a certain territory. Flora is the basic component of any terrestrial ecosystem determining its spatial limits. Moldovan flora is composed of 5513 plant species including:

- superior plants , 1989 species (157 species of moss; 25 species of pteridophytes; 1 species of gymnosperms; 1806 species of angyosperms);

- inferior plants , 3524 species (3400 species of algae and 124 species of lichens);

- fungi , 1200 species, including over 400 species of macromycetes.

Cyatus sp. and Nymphaea alba


Fauna includes the totality of animal taxa (species, genus, families, etc) from a certain region, for example, the European fauna, the Moldovan fauna, the fauna of the Nistru River , etc. Fauna plays an important role in the ecosystems functioning. Moldovan fauna includes about 14800 species, out of which 461 species of vertebrates (mammals, 70; birds, 281; reptiles, 14; amphibians, 14; fishes, 82) and 14339 species of invertebrates, including some 12000 species of insects.

Hyla arborea si Lutra lutra


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