Starea mediului in Republica Moldova
Raport popular, 2004

State of the environment in the Republic of Moldova
Popular report, 2004
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Moldova - Land of life and peace

Air bazin

The water resources

Soil - the main natural richness

Biological Diversity


Environement potection policy

Other problems

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About report

What is the waste?
Waste Formation in the REPUBLIC of MOLDOVA
The Environmental Pollution by Waste
Utilisation and Neutralisation of Waste
Waste keeping in Republic of Moldova
Waste Management

What is the waste?

Wastes are the substances, materials, objects, remains of raw materials as a result of economical, housekeeper and consumption activities.

All human activities are the potential sources of waste.

What types of waste are they?

Waste can be classified according to their major sources including: municipal, industrial, agricultural, extraction of construction materials, energy production and others. Waste can be also classified according to different waste streams.

Currently the following types of waste are stored on the territory of the Republic of Moldova :

Household waste (municipal) - the waste originated from housekeeper and consumption activities;

Production waste the waste resulted from technological and production processes;

Dangerous waste are represented by toxic, inflammable, explosive, corrosive, infectious or other waste that upon being introduced into the environment can damage plants, animals and human beings.

Toxic waste

Animal breading waste the waste obtained from different type of domestic animals (cattles, horses, pigs and other animals);

Construction waste - the waste from the enterprises and organization of extracting and utilizing constructions materials.


Ministerul Ecologiei si Resurselor Naturale a Republicii Moldova,
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